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Environmental Policy

EFutureTech Systems (Pvt) Ltd is committed to the achievement of outstanding environmental performance and sustainable development of EFutureTech’s natural and built environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

We are striving to ensure every aspect of our business incorporates the principles of sustainability. This means we will strive for sustainability in our roles as a planning and enforcement authority, major employer, land and property owner, provider of services, a significant purchaser within the local economy, leading grant-maker, and facilitator of community initiatives.

EFutureTech Systems (Pvt) Ltd recognizes that managing the environmental impact of operations is essential. As a signatory to Climate Local, we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change. We recognize that local authorities have a responsibility to adhere to the guiding principles of the common Sustainable Development Strategy – live within environmental limits, ensure a strong and healthy society, achieve a sustainable economy, promote good governance and use sound science responsibly. This means that we will respect the planet’s resources, take a precautionary and polluter pays approach to preserve the environment for future generations, incentivize resource efficiency, use sound scientific evidence to inform our policies where available, and work with stakeholders to achieve these aims.

EFutureTech Systems (Pvt) Ltd makes the following commitments both in respect of its own activities and, where appropriate, in its influence over the wider community:

  1. To reduce our demand for natural resources and energy, to improve efficiency and to increase reliance on greener and renewable energy sources
  2. To seek to minimise the waste produced from our activities, to recycle and to support the implementation of the Zero Waste Strategy
  3. To continuously improve the sustainable management of our buildings, workshops and transport reducing the emission of air pollutants and greenhouse gases
  4. To be mindful of the impacts of climate change of the delivery of our services and increase the resilience of our services to impacts such as flooding and heatwaves
  5. To prevent environmental harm or pollution incidents at all sites by ensuring our working practices comply with all relevant legislation
  6. To ensure that all staff are aware of our environmental standards and shared responsibilities and encourage improvement in our supply chains and partnership networks
  7. Through wider policies to protect and enhance the biodiversity of the environment
  8. Through wider policies to ensure high quality of new development through good designs
  9. To maintain continuous improvement by reviewing corporate policies and strategies to ensure integration of sustainable development principles and practices

To meet the commitments, EFutureTech Systems (Pvt) Ltd will:

  • Use this policy as a framework for setting objectives and targets for environmental improvement
  • Operate a procurement and contracting policy that conforms to these objectives
  • Operate effective management of environmental impacts
  • Communicate the requirements of this policy to all employees, suppliers and partners
  • Make this policy publicly available and keep the public informed of its environmental performance

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